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Upgrade to Legal for Trade

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Legal for Trade loader scales saves money and facilitates easy invoicing by effectively transforming the loader into a mobile weighbridge

Legal for Trade approval in many countries around the world has been demonstrated through LOADRITE weighing systems accuracy. SmartTech is the only certified Loadrite Technicians in Australia to upgrade your Loadrite Loader Scale to be Legal for Trade (LFT).

With a Legal for Trade LOADRITE weighing system you can;

  • Eliminate the expense of a scale house and operator
  • Sell product legally, direct from your loader
  • Experience faster truck turn around times
  • Provide traceable data on loading activity

Our guarantee

  • Maintain scale accuracy
  • Adhere to in house quality systems
  • External calibration and service – transparent
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Ensure results are maintained
  • Reoccurring calibration agreements
  • Detailed calibration reports
  • On site test weights verified
  • Operator training and certification
  • Calibration and service agreements

NMI Approved Systems

Loadrite handset

*Tip: Look for the NMI certified sticker to ensureyour calibration was performed by a qualified technician.

Meet our NMI Certified Team


NT/ North QLD

South Queensland
Andrew, Bradley & Bronson

New South Wales
John & Luke

Victoria/ Tasmania
Braden & Lucas