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A healthy work environment starts with Freshfilter

SmartTech Australia is proud to be introducing Freshfilter to the Australian Market. This new era in Cabin Air Filtration combines the durability of stainless steel components, with high grade HEPA filters and digital controllers which monitor cabin pressure, CO2 & hydrocarbons.

All Freshfilter systems utilise advanced cabin air filtration technologies that are designed to combat any health issues due to poor air quality now, or into the future.  Each Freshfilter Cabin Air Filtration System has been designed to comply with:

  • International Standards ISO 10263 & ISO 23875
  • Recognised Standard 20 (RS20) Queensland Mining Safety
  • HEPA Filter International Standards EN1822 / 29463
  • Active Carbon Filters International Standards EN14387
  • Relevant Australian Industry Standards

As the exclusive distributor of Freshfilter systems with offices nationwide, SmartTech Australia can provide complete solutions, installation, and support while delivering safety with fresh filtered air for all industrial environments.

Contaminated air 

Due to the pressure difference, contaminated air from outside can only flow into the cabin through the overpressure unit. The air in the unit is filtered, which ensures that only clean air is blown into the cabin.

Sealing the cabin

The cabins are sealed which makes sure that less air is needed to get the cabin to the required pressure. This considerably extends the service life of the filters.

Control system

The control system keeps the pressure difference in the cabin above the required 100 Pascal and can measure the hydrocarbons and contamination in the cabin.

Custom build

Not all machines are prepared for the use of overpressure filter systems, therefore SmarttTech also supply self-developed fitting pieces for most machines.


With a diameter of only 350mm, the F20 from Freshfilter offers the most compact Cab Air Quality System


The F33R is limited in height (only 205mm) and is therefore the ultimate roof unit

FF Multibox XS

Designed specifically for work environments where the operator needs protection against the most severe gasses and dusts

3000 Series Control System

Stainless steel control system with optional Hydrocarbon sensor

6000 Series Control System

Stainless steel control system with optional CO2 & Hydrocarbon sensor

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