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loadrite tech

LOADRITE On Board Weighing

On-board weighing & payload management systems suitable for mining, civil, quarrying, civil, public works and transportation

LOADRITE Waste Solutions

LOADRITE Waste Solutions

Track and improve your Waste Operation with accurate information utilising the LOADRITE® E2750 weighing system

Trackweight OnBoard Truck Scales

Trackweight OnBoard Truck Scales

Prevent overloading and optimise your bulk loads… loading accurately and quickly to the maximum capacity in real time using Trackweight’s S3 weighing system with precision display on the BRT5 dashboard monitor

Cabin Air Filtration System

Cabin Air Filtration System

Cab Air Filtration Systems keeps your employees healthy and safe. This new era in Cabin Air Filtration combines the durability of stainless steel components, with high grade HEPA filters and digital controllers which monitor cabin pressure, CO2 & hydrocarbons

sitrack software

Safety Solutions

We love keeping you safe. Our Solutions offer Height, Slew, RCI and Stability Control Systems and Collision Detection Systems suitable for a range of machines.

mine drills

Thunderbird Drilling Solutions

Thunderbird Drilling is extremely reliable tool that increases a mine's productivity, reduces overall drilling costs, and improves blasting efficiency.

lincoln motor

Lincoln Lubrication Systems

Lincoln builds precision lubrication equipment & components for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric auto lubrication systems.

rajant features

Rajant Industrial Wireless Networks

We have a number of staff who are highly skilled in assessing a work / mine site and designing the optimal wireless network using RAJANT products

mining software

Software Solutions

Your Operations can advance with the beauty of technology! We offer a range of Software Solutions suitable for Quarrying to Water Management Software.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We offer a range of Consulting services suitable for Mining & Quarry site operations. From Software and customised reporting to on site consulting and safety.

Making machines see

Making machines see

DotNetix is committed to improving the safety of pedestrians and workers in their working environments

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MDG Contracting

Heavy Haulage Operations Manager

"LOADRITE and InsightHQ have assisted our Operations immensely. It allows our Operators to load accurately without overloading and allows Operators to track the progress of quotas. "

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Bis Industries

Operations Manager

"LOADRITE has made everything so much easier. Our current process wasn’t a future for our site, we had to think about the future of productivity within all sites and the business moving forward. LOADRITE has been a godsend."

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Chain of Responsibility Manager

"The SmartTech/Loadrite solution has played a big part in helping us maintain our high levels of compliance around mass management within the heavy vehicle transport sector as responsible parties within the Chain of Responsibility”