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Lincoln Lubrication Systems

Lincoln builds precision lubrication equipment & components for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric auto lubrication systems. State of the art electronic controls for all forms of mobile and static equipment in the civil, mining, quarrying, forestry and agricultural sectors.

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As your supplier, SmartTech offers the full range of Lincoln Industrial fully automatic lubrication systems as well as installation and servicing. The Lincoln line includes Centro-Matic® single line injector systems, Quicklub® progressive systems and Duo-Matic® pressurized two-line systems. All of these centralized lubrication systems direct precise amounts of grease to bearings or other lubrication points and all equipment is designed to meet the strict quality standards demanded by our customers.

Lincoln Lubrication Centromatic

Lincoln Centromatic


Lincoln Lubrication Quicklub

Lincoln Quicklub


Lincoln Lubrication Dual Line

Lincoln Dual Line System

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