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Material Management Software (MMS)

With the Loadrite Material Management System installed on your computer you can turn your Loadrite onboard scale into a business management tool. MMS enables you to gather load data from your Loadrite scale and transfer it across your site in a secure, paperless manner. The recorded information can be used for inventory management, product tracking and identifying bottle necks in your operation.

LP950 Printer

Total reporting solutions
The Loadrite™ Printer is compatible with every Loadrite™ onboard weighing system. This direct plug-in accessory delivers time-stamped and dated hard copies of all weighing information instantly.
Using data stored in the console memory more detailed reports can also be produced depending on the model, such as:

  • Shift, daily or weekly accrued totals
  • Product usage
  • KPI report

LP930 Thermal Printer

Take complete control
The Loadrite™ Printer is compatible with a range of Loadrite scales and offers-
Compact size
Fast printing speed
Standard paper roll size
Minimal maintenance


InsightHQ: Quarry Reporting Portal
Actionable Insights for Heavy Industry
View operations productivity information on clear dashboards, monitor alerts and playback the shift. All your operations data visible in one place so you can track progress against targets and take action.


SmartScales and InsightHQ
Digital tickets are the new requirements from many top aggregate producers and transportation agencies including U.S. Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT). Digital eTickets eliminate double handling of paper work and manual data re-entering, saving time, increasing safety and assuring data quality.