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What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is a paperless digital ticket delivery option that conveniently emails the load ticket to truck drivers, hauler dispatcher, and site supervisors who are waiting for the material delivery.

Support social distancing

Limit person-to-person interactions and paper handling with digital eTickets to replace paper tickets.

Safer worksites

An eTicket-enabled worksite helps support a safer environment for visiting truck drivers as there is one less reason to exit the truck cab and potentially put themselves in an unsafe area.

Paperless, digital workflow

A paperless workflow means that tickets cannot be lost, damaged or not passed along the administrative chain. eTickets don’t get dirty or wet, and cannot pass along a virus.

Quarry to construction site connectivity

It can be difficult for project managers to monitor material movement. The midday summary eTicket shows an accurate update of tons delivered to the site, so the manager can respond during the shift.

Single source of the truth

An eTicket is fast, reliable and can inform multiple parties at once. The eTicket is sent immediately after the load is complete. It doesn’t rely on anyone to pass the ticket along or follow-up, and can be sent to the operator, manager and 3rd party contractors for everyone to see the same information. No more quarrels or disputes.

Faster exit from the quarry

An eTicket is dispatched immediately after loading, so the truck driver doesn’t need to collect a load ticket upon exit. Neither does the truck driver need to wait on other people collecting load tickets. In and out faster, with the potential to complete another load that shift.

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