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Comprehensive solution for complex construction problems

Virtual Superintendent (VS) represents the best in market cloud reporting software

Leveraging new or existing data capturing tools to provide insight into the way your site is performing in a multitude of aspects:

  • Weight or volume productions reporting
  • Cycle times
  • Optimal production ratios
  • Geofence linked events
  • Speed & Safety warnings
  • Billing solutions and ERP integration

Data Aggregation

The Virtual Superintendent aggregates data from on-machine devices, a mobile app, sensors and integrations with other software applications to give a detailed view of production, cost and safety on a project

Real Time View

The Virtual Superintendent provides a real-time view of your production rates with a tailored list of reports, dashboards and map views

Cost Data

Cost data is displayed in real-time and is combined with your production data to give a complete picture of how your project is progressing today, or this week, or this month

Key Metrics

Key metrics can be seen in the office or out in the field

For example, a Foreman will know exactly how much dirt has been moved so far today, if they are ahead or behind target, and how much per m3 it is costing to move it


Engineers don’t have to spend their day manually keying in data to see how the job is progressing

The Virtual Superintendent has automated large parts of the production and cost tracking process


The Virtual Superintendent becomes more powerful with Benchmarking

Once we know what GOOD looks like, we can show you how close you are getting to that each day

Target Tracking

The Virtual Superintendent’s understanding of what is happening on site allows for prediction against targets

Key staff on site can see if they are on track to make their target today and adjust accordingly


Learning algorithms can give insights into operations that humans cannot efficiently or accurately calculate

In this example the optimal number of trucks that should be allocated to a loading tool is being calculated in real-time

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