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Meshtracer is the most effective mustering and tracking, incident management, and communications platform on the market today. Rajant’s personnel and asset tracking software use Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology to identify people and assets across all zones and areas of a mining site. The system uses standardized communication protocols, allowing devices to exchange messages, define incidents, and monitor the flow of users throughout a physical environment.

Meshtracer is easily adopted, highly adaptable, and simple to use. When integrated with your existing equipment, Meshtracer provides an enhanced solution for your facilities and personnel.

Identifies and Locates People and Equipment

When paired with Rajant’s BreadCrumbs, an AeroScout tag, or any Wi-Fi device, users will instantly know where every person is located within a global footprint. Rajant’s industry-leading technology can be tailored
specifically to your needs and applications. Using a static MAC address, track people, vehicles, and equipment.

Provides Two-Way Communication for Emergency and Incident Management

Meshtracer provides real-time alerts via SMA, chat, and email and can direct users to the best routes for safety. Incidents are reported into a central repository, allowing users to prioritize and categorize incidents and associate videos and images to an incident timeline. MeshTracer also offers a digital paper trail and a STulv documented timeline.

Provides Superior Asset Protection

Meshtracer’s asset protection eliminates equipment loss due to theft and offers 24-hour identification and tracking of assets. Users receive zone-based alerts and can quickly and easily create custom zones for asses. Teams can also store and review asset information and access inventor reporting.

Supports Real-Time Mustering

The most effective mustering and tracking, incident management. and communications platform on the market today. When paired with Rajant’s MeshTracer and an AeroScout tag or supported Wi-Fi device, you will instantly know where every person within our global footprint.

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