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In the last few years, the mining industry has faced increasing pressure of pricing volatility, growing competition, social and environmental concerns among communities and authorities, and industry-wide skill shortage. The situation necessitates the players across this sector to digitally transform their traditional mining operations. However, the lack of knowledge about technological innovations and the fear of upfront investment often restrict businesses from embarking on a digital journey.

This is where SmartTech Australia makes a world of difference. The company delivers a wide range of smart technology solutions to address the different needs of the mining industry. It has acquired several dealerships such as Trimble LOADRITE, Rajant, XWATCH, and Thunderbird to offer a complete package of solutions to the mining sector.

SmartTech Australia began its journey in 2017 with just four employees, and in just one year, the company was able to acquire LOADRITE dealerships. Today, along with its sister company SITECH WA Pty Ltd, SmartTech Australia has the biggest Trimble LOADRITE dealership in the world. The company understands the importance of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) in the mining industry. It helps improve the safety and accountability on the job site as contractors are responsible for ensuring Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) compliance. “Our team helps clients to ensure their equipment and machineries, as well as processes, abide by CoR laws,” says Dan Barry, General Manager, SmartTech Australia.

SmartTech Australia distributes a wide range of solutions, ranging from LOADRITE On Board Weighing, LOADRITE Waste Solutions, filtration systems to robust software solutions. For example, the company provides Virtual Superintendent (VS)—a cloud reporting software—that allows clients to address complex construction problems. By accumulating data from on-machine devices, VS allows businesses to better understand the performance of their sites and projects as well as other key metrics. Having all this information at their fingertips, clients can significantly reduce reporting time and optimize production rates. SmartTech Australia has also introduced Freshfilter to the Australian Market. With advanced cabin air filtration technologies, it addresses poor air quality issues in any potentially dangerous area. More importantly, the Freshfilter Cabin Air Filtration System complies with various regulations and standards, including International Standards ISO 10263 and ISO 23875, Recognised Standard 20 (RS20) Queensland Mining Safety, HEPA Filter International Standards EN1822 / 29463, to name a few. Not stopping there, the company offers a commercial-grade Rajant Kinetic Mesh network device that is specifically designed for IIoT applications and light-duty vehicles, working in challenging network environments. “We have the capability to distribute a wide range of products based on the unique client requirements,” adds Barry. “We help clients utilize technology to significantly enhance their project workflow, dramatically increase production, improve accuracy, and lower operating costs.”

Along with such robust products, SmartTech Australia is also recognized for its comprehensive service offering. The company’s field and office staff hold years of experience in the mining and civil industry. They know how to apply technologies to address some of the complex mining challenges. “We take a consultative approach and only provide the solutions that we can support,” Barry remarks. Going forward, the company will evolve, keeping abreast of the technological trends. Barry mentions that IoT, machine learning, and AI will dominate the mining technology realm in the coming years. To this end, SmartTech Australia will continue to invest in cutting-edge solutions to ensure more transparency and visibility into mining operations. “Our goal is to ensure secure mining operations while ensuring productivity and efficiency improvement and lower carbon emission,” he concludes.

Written by Metals and Mining Review for the January Edition of Metals and Mining Review “Top 10 APAC Mining Solutions”
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