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Water Industry Solutions

Offering a wide range of hardware, software, monitoring and integrated solutions addressing unique industry challenges and providing a pathway to smarter water management.

Mapping & Asset Management


Mapping & Locating – Leverages Trimble’s high accuracy GNSS receivers and Esri mapping technology

Asset Inspection – Configurable, easy-to-deploy cloud and mobile software apps and devices for automating field inspection work

Maintenance & Repair – Configurable field solution for automating asset maintenance and repair operations

Smart Metering – Industry leading handheld computers and software for meter reading, asset management and installation

AFC Mapper – Partner Solution – Bridge the gap between construction, mapping and maintenance management

Event Management


Water Quality – Solution for identifying and managing water quality incidents and water outages

Water Outage – Identifying and managing water incidents and events from the first customer call or alarms

IoT & Remote Monitoring


Aquifer \ Well – The ideal solution for monitoring aquifer and well levels, withdrawals and reporting.

Reservoir – Ideally suited for monitoring and reporting reservoir and surface water levels.

Tank – A reliable solution for monitoring and managing water storage tank levels and volumes.

Pump Station Monitoring – Monitor one or two pumps for on/off duration, record time stamps of each pump cycle along with sensors

Compound Meter – Capture the encoded register reading of single or dual water meters such as master meters

Mag Meter – Wireless flow and pressure monitoring and alarming for magnetic (mag) meters.

Hydrant Pressure – The ideal solution for monitoring pressure in a distribution system

Water Hamme – Idealy suited for capturing pressure transients and impulse events that cause water hammer

Pressure Reducing Valve – Tracking pressure reducing valve operations & flow. Wireless, user programmable, battery operated.

Pressure Relief Valve – The ideal solution for tracking pressure relief valve operations. Wireless, user programmable, battery operated.

Rainfall – The ideal solution for monitoring your tipping bucket style rain gauge. User programmable, battery operated.

Water Quality – The ideal solution for maintaining a safe water supply. Wireless, user programmable, battery operated.



Mobile Work Management- Powerful, simple-to-use and configurable GIS-centric mobile work management solution

Field Service Management – Configurable, simple-to-use GIS-centric mobile field service management solution

Rugged Mobile Devices –  Rugged mobile devices and mapping receivers for field operations and high accuracy asset mapping and locating

Leak Detection


Mobile Leak Detection – All in one solution, accurate leak locating and surveying on a smartphone

Wireless Leak Monitoring and Detection – Proactively monitor and detect leaks on a water network to reduce leakage, non-revenue water and pipe bursts