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Trimble Unity is a GIS-Centric Cloud and Mobile Software, offering a suite of applications and tools to support smart water management. The product focuses on workflow and business process improvement with the added benefit of better information for decision making and regulatory compliance.


  • 40% Cost Reduction in GIS Mapping.
  • 30% Cost Reduction in Asset Management.
  • 25% Increase in Operational Efficiency.
  • 40% Cost Reduction in Generating Reports.
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  • Build custom workflows and forms
  • Capture accurate 3D positions
  • Efficiently manage, dispatch and track work progress
  • Smart, configurable data collection forms and tools
  • Driving directions and optimized routes
  • Support for proactive asset performance monitoring, alarming and regulatory reporting
  • Non-Revenue Water and Leakage Management
  • Deliver reports and performance analytics
  • Ready for enterprise integration
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Introducing Trimble Unity 4.0

Case Studies


The City of Sacramento

burst water main

Loudoun Water


Orange County Sanitation District

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