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Utilizing the carrier of the well proven L130D miniLoader, the D130D miniDriller will easily allow you to increase productivity and safety without the need of special skills.

Its Remote Drilling Controller allows the operator to make a clean and efficient face drilling for better blasting and increased productivity.
The integrated hydraulic system in the front base and the use of the L130D miniLoader carrier allow to keep a good control of parts inventory and fleet rationalization.

Designed to go where the others can’t in order to avoid hand drilling, the Aramine D130D allows a full rotation of the Feed in a 1,6 m gallery width and to cover up to 12 m2 of gallery section.
Like a real Drilling, the D130D include its own water-pressurizer and air compressor on board to ensure regular and efficient productivity.



4,5 to 12m2

Face Coverage

Simple Maintenance



Gallery Size

Technical Information

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