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The miniLoader L150 is specially designed for underground mining works in narrow section and narrow vein mining. With a width of 1.205 to 1.290 m and a tramming capacity of 1.4 tonnes, the L150 is ideal to raise your productivity without the need of increasing your gallery sections. Its modern transmission and components result in a high reliability with simple maintenance and fully safe operation.

The chassis and articulations are designed for the toughest application, in order to allow a high availability with a longer life time. The operator’s compartment is side seated to comply perfectly with the underground requirements, with smooth and ergonomically located joysticks to offer comfort and safety to the operator and maintenance personnel.

The electric version of the miniLoader L150 fitted with a simple and robust cable reel designed for tramming and equipped with an automatic cable tension system, allows the utilization of the miniLoader with less noise and low ventilation.

*Available in Extra Capacity version*

1 to 2T


Simple Maintenance


0,6 to 0,8m3



Gallery Size

0% CO2



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