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All machine motions are individually controlled with feather touch ramped hydraulic slowdown and soft stop. This height control limiter eliminates the machine bounce, overshoot or undershoots, which is gentler on the machine and safer for the operator and their surroundings. An optional chassis sensor can be installed to correct for terrain slope.

Setting the limit for height control

The Xwatch height control limiter protects workers from overhead danger when it is difficult to judge the actual height of the machine or the position of the booms from the cab. Operators can define a preset limit of the machine’s boom preventing movement of the boom beyond the pre-set limit.

control panel

Reaching the limit

Once the desired height limit is reached the XW product range will activate the “Feather Touch” hydraulic control and bring the equipment to a safe and soft stop. The “Feather Touch” control is comfortable for the operator and much gentler on the machine by eliminating the shock of a sudden limit stop.

control panel

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