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Angle & lateral slew limiter

The XW3 is a dedicated slew control system designed to restrict the machine to working within set left and right slew parameters.

Angular slew is referenced from the centre point of the machine to give a “V” shaped basic left and right control in front of the operator allowing operation for working within the set limits.

Lateral slew is referenced around both sides of the machine creating a virtual wall to either side of the machine to allow more flexibility for working within the Lateral side limits.

Suitable for

  • Excavators
  • Special purpose machines
control panel

Slew Control

Controlling the slew of any machine used in construction is an important part of the safety and productivity equation. This is a part of the site safety puzzle that is often overlooked by contractors and their operators but can be simply addressed with the right equipment.

Operation is fail safe and fully automatic with function selection never more that two key presses away.
Dependent on installed options, XW3 can support both single/dual parallel ‘wall’ limits and angular limits. Slew speed will ramp down on approach to a limit, and soft-stop at the limit. Full power is always available if moving away for a slew limit.

control panel


Height Control

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Slew Control

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Dig Depth

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