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The DEI-X is the latest addition to Thunderbird’s family of drill monitors for rotary blast hole drills that date back to the early 1980s.These include Wi-Fi connections to the mine office, displaying drill pattern maps to the operator, strata-logging, cameras, and logging hole position with LPGPS. The DEI-X platform can also be readily upgraded to a Drill Guidance system for those mines that may require a navigation system at some point in the future.


  • Basic drill monitoring
  • Data logging using Wi-Fi or USB for uploading or offloading of data
  • Strata recognition using Specific Energy of Drilling algorithm
  • PDA for viewing drill fleet status or texting drills
  • Health monitoring
  • Interface to drill PLC systems
  • Camera-ready for added safety
  • Rock Recognition
  • DEI+Nav،XHPGPS Drill Guidance
  • The backbone for remote control and autonomous
  • Intel Atom 1 GB Ram Processor & 16GB Compact Flash Memory
  • Water & dust proof (IP65/NEMA 4)
  • Upgradeable from older Thunderbird DEI Plus or Logger systems
  • Built-in shutdown circuitry to insure no data is lost
  • Outputs for audible or visual alarms
  • Optional upgrades include: Sensor Manager, cameras, GPS receivers
  • CAN bus available for health monitoring
  • Integration with Fleet Management Systems
  • Remote internet access for support and system upgrades
  • Available for all makes and models of rotary blast hole drills
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