The Best in Mining & Civil Technology

SmartTech Australia has project teams that have worked across almost all categories of the industry in Australia during the past.

Our people have the training, experience, knowledge and expertise to tackle any project on any site.

Our dedicated project teams can provide you with Consulting Services that focus on the safe application, design, installation and maintenance of all of our many and varied technology.

From Ground Engaging Tech in Mining to measuring volumes in Civil Construction to monitoring critical assets in Water to designing high volume throughput across Industrial Wi-Fi systems, we have you covered.

At SmartTech Australia our consulting services can help you to optimise your investment whilst keeping your people safe and your assets working through the direct application of focused technology.

SmartTech Australia has you covered, no matter the tech you want to engage, data you need to collect, reporting you need to provide and the industry you are in.

Our Consulting teams hit the mark every time; safely and on budget.

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