Trimble Unity

Transform information into actionable intelligence for better decision making

Trimble Unity is a GIS-Centric Cloud and Mobile Software, offering a suite of applications and tools to support smart water management. The product focuses on workflow and business process improvement with the added benefit of better information for decision making and regulatory compliance.



Proven solutions, delivering measurable results


40% Cost Reduction in GIS Mapping.
Capture in real-time accurate 3D positions and authoritative asset information. Keep the GIS update to date and accurate, and locate hard to find assets

30% Cost Reduction in Asset Management.
Streamline asset installation, maintenance, condition assessment and repair workflows. Optimizing the performance of assets, increasing availability and reducing maintenance cost

25% Increase in Operational Efficiency.
Efficiently manage and dispatch work assignments. Improve field communications, customer service and streamline field data collection activities through intelligent workflows

40% Cost Reduction in Generating Reports.
Transform authoritative data into actionable intelligence for better decision making and regulatory compliance


Collect authoritative data using the right tools, capabilities and workflows.

Build custom workflows and forms

Use the Trimble Unity App Builder to build apps, workflows and forms. Follow a guided step-by-step wizard and
drag-and-drop interface to simply and efficiently create GIS-centric apps and forms.

Capture accurate 3D positions

Capture high accuracy GPS positions in real-time. offers the flexibility to run on the full line of Trimble rugged handheld computers and various Trimble GNSS receivers, providing real-time data collection of accurate 3D positions and authoritative asset information.

Efficiently manage, dispatch and track work progress

Search, select and prioritize asset and work assignments. View crew locations, manage and track progress using a web browser.
Technicians can view, manage and prioritize their work, either from a list or map. Crews can utilize optimized driving directions, and progress
through the configured workflow to complete their work assignments.

Smart, configurable data collection forms and tools

Configure intelligent forms that can be tailored to fit any field workflow. The data collection forms support default values, conditional attributes, business rules, barcodes, photos and a configurable list of work related items such as labor, equipment, material usage and completion codes.

Driving directions and optimized routes

Reduce out-of-route mileage, increase efficiency and improve customer service and response time with Trimble Unity Route Navigator. Offering offline 2D and 3D voice guided turn by turn directions and optimized routes, with traffic information when connected to the internet.

Support for proactive asset performance monitoring, alarming and regulatory reporting

Integrate to Telog® wireless and IoT (Internet of Things) rugged battery powered sensors and remote monitoring instruments and data, providing customers with situational awareness of water and wastewater utility asset performance, offering a cloud and mobile view of remote monitoring data and measurement reports, GIS, operational data, asset conditions and events, all in a single platform.

Non-Revenue Water and Leakage Management

Monitor and detect leaks, analyze pressure anomalies and water hammer events that impact water network performance and cause asset infrastructure failures. Leverage the Trimble Telog 32 Advanced Series family of smart water monitoring devices, and the Telog LDR-32 leak detection wireless sensors for complete visibility to the water network performance and leakage, all from within Trimble Unity. Tools and workflows are also available to plan leak investigation and repair activities, capture repair details and report on leak events and water loss.

Deliver reports and performance analytics

Transform data into information to support decision making and regulatory compliance. Provide situational awareness through custom reports and dashboards that can be configured to support business needs.

Ready for enterprise integration

Unlock back-office data with the Trimble Unity Enterprise Integration Portal (EIP). Enable dispatchers, supervisors, and field crews to access information from asset management, customer information, and geographic information systems.

Multi-platform support. Powerful when online, still works when offline

Trimble Unity is built to be flexible with applications available for Windows, Android and iOS. Select the right platform for any user, whether that is a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or rugged Trimble GNSS device. Field technicians can still perform their work when a connection is not available. GIS data, basemaps, work assignments and forms are all available offline, and sync automatically when the crew reconnects.


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