Thunderbird’s DEI Plus uses display technology to provide an extremely rugged, sunlight-readable, crisp display. The design technology allows it to store data & conduct extensive on-board calculations.

  • Drill Screen Provides the operator with Depth, Rate of Penetration, Target Depth, Drill Time & Estimated Time to Complete the Hole.
  • ROP Graph ROP plot helps operator to optimize drilling, & identify the depth of hard or soft zones, or the location of coal seams.
  • Pipe-in-Hole This unique warning feature can prevent drill component damage caused by tramming while drill pipe is still in the hole.
  • Current Shift & Production Statistics The DEI Plus accumulates shift & overall production information including: Total Number of Holes, Total Depth, Total Drill Time, Average Hole Depth, Average ROP, & Average Hole Drilling Times
  • Drill Leveling & Mast Angle An optional dual axis inclinometer can be added to the DEI Plus. This will assist the operator in accurately leveling the drill & insuring the mast is at the specified angle for cast blasting.
Other DEI PLUS Features/Screens Include
  • Target depth settings
  • ROP & depth alarms
  • Built-in calibration instruction
  • Diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Help screens
  • Spare parts lists