Telog Enterprise

One Supplier, Single Platform

Combine data from all remote monitoring sites in a common platform, setting a new standard for accessibility and usefulness of the information you collect. A comprehensive, scalable remote monitoring system created specifically for water and energy utility distribution and collection systems.




Collect Data

Collect authoritative remote monitoring data in a single common repository. Supports various Telog Recording Telemetry Units (RTUs). Interface with any manufacturer’s instruments.

Transfer Data

Automatically get data as often as you want and when you want with configurable data transfer intervals, and in response to configured alarms

Manage Data

Offers sophisticated data management, editing and validation tools, correct or repair collected data, maintain an audit trail of each edit and keep the original dataset in the database

Share Data

Share data with various systems including modeling software, billing, SCADA/HMI, GIS and other historians


Storms Module
Simplify the analysis of flow resulting from storm activity. Save time creating reports that analyze storm events, easily compare wet weather periods with dry weather periods. Define storm periods using your rain data and flow resulting from those storm periods. Define dry periods to compare with storm event periods. Both storm and dry periods can be defined for up to a 7 day range (any 7 days, at any time). Create storm templates that show Rainfall Derived Infiltration and Inflow (RDII) as an area graph. The average flow and minimum and maximum flow measurements are displayed, along with times recorded for the minimum and maximum flow measurements. Click here for more information.

NOAA Module
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) module provides daily weather observations as well as current and historical tidal data through the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). Automatically retrieve this data from the NOAA’s web server and store it within the Enterprise database. Incorporate this information into reports to detect correlations between changes in their data and changes in the surrounding environment. Telog Enterprise provides a complete list of stations and the measurements currently available for each station. Simply choose a station and the desired measurements, and Telog Enterprise will retrieve that data and store it automatically in your Telog Enterprise database. Click here for more information.

GIS Module
Combines the power of Esri ArcGIS and Telog Enterprise tools, offering an integrated GIS and remote monitoring solution, and providing a powerful spatial analytics tool. The module is designed to link directly with the customer’s GIS, so users can view their Telog Enterprise sites located on their own maps. This module is available in both the Telog Web Module and the Telog Enterprise Client. Click here for more information.

Web Module
Share Telog Enterprise data and reports over your intranet or the internet, using a web browser. The web module provides the capability to set up user accounts, define system reports, and link various types of data from Enterprise. It also offers a mapping option providing the capability to spatially manage and view site location, information and reports. Also shows a color guide showing the operating status of all monitoring sites. Click here for more information.

Crystal Reports Module
Includes a runtime copy of Crystal Reports® application software with predefined report templates. Provides users with the capability to run Crystal Reports natively from within the Telog Enterprise Client (TEC), whether the reports are created by Telog or by users with their own copy of Crystal Reports®.  If you own a full version of Crystal Reports® you are able to create your own custom reports, or leverage our services team to generate custom reports to the exact specifications you need.This service will become extremely valuable as customers find the need to provide specialized reports to various stakeholders in a clean and concise format. Click here for more information.


Telog Enterprise supports a broad range of remote monitoring solutions including:

Aquifer \ Well

The ideal solution for monitoring aquifer and well levels, withdrawals and reporting.


Ideally suited for monitoring and reporting reservoir and surface water levels.


A reliable solution for monitoring and managing water storage tank levels and volumes.

Pump Station Monitoring

Monitor one or two pumps for on/off duration, record time stamps of each pump cycle along with sensors

Compound Meter

Capture the encoded register reading of single or dual water meters such as master meters

Mag Meter

Wireless flow and pressure monitoring and alarming for magnetic (mag) meters.

Hydrant Pressure

The ideal solution for capturing pressure transients and impulse events

Water Hammer

Idealy suited for capturing pressure transients and impulse events that cause water hammer

Pressure Relief Valve

Tracking pressure reducing valve operations & flow. Wireless, user programmable, battery operated.

Pressure Reducing Valve

The ideal solution for tracking pressure relief valve operations. Wireless, user programmable, battery operated.


The ideal solution for monitoring your tipping bucket style rain gauge. User programmable, battery operated.

Water Quality

The ideal solution for maintaining a safe water supply. Wireless, user programmable, battery operated.

CSO/SSO & Flooding

event monitoring and alarming in wastewater and stormwater sewer manholes

Inflow and Infiltration

inflow and infiltration monitoring in wastewater collection systems

Open Channel Flow

Monitoring flows in open channels and non-pressure pipelines

Flap Gate

Monitoring overflow (CSO/SSO) events via flap gates

Lift Station

Monitor one or two pumps at your lift station site for on/off duration, record time stamps of each pump cycle

Billing/Custody Transfer

Monitoring your billing/custody transfer sites