Loader Scales

LOADRITE Loader scales are industry-leading weighing systems which come with a 3-year factory warranty confidently ensuring the high quality and performance on the market today.

We lead the way


đź—¸ Product quality
đź—¸ Ensure optimal loading and quality data for analysis
đź—¸ Loader scales can be installed on front end wheel loaders, tractors and reach stackers
đź—¸ All scales are supported worldwide


The accuracy you can expect from a LOADRITE front end loader scale is demonstrated by “Legal for Trade” approval in many countries around the world.

What can LOADRITE bring to your business?

Increase productivity

> Prevent weighbridge turnarounds
> Sell more product
> Consistency from operators


Improve profits

> Eliminate double handling of material
> Avoid overload fines
> Reduce under loading haulage costs

Control costs

> Minimise loader fuel usage
> Maximise trucks tonnes per litre and machinery utilization on site


Benchmark operator productivity

> Benchmark operator performance/efficiency
> Improve equipment effectiveness
> Monitor reasons for delays

Process improvement

> Track individual machine utilisation
> Inventory and stock levels
> Monitor machine stress

View the LOADRITE range

We offers a range of Loader scales suitable for your budget and weighing requirements.


L3180 SmartScale for Wheel Loaders

The L3180 allows you to perform faster without compromising accuracy and precision, also as adjusting for rough terrain, tequinue and movement. Suitable for any operators, new or skilled operators can load with greater accuracy, precision and speed.

What is a SmartScale?

A SmartScale is the next generation of onboard scales that use weighing intelligence for more accurate, precise and faster loading.

The L3180 SmartScale offers:

  • Weighing intelligence
  • Connected Quarry connectivity including built-in WiFi and GPS
  • Multi-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Best-in-class interactivity and interface

L3180 Smartscale


It provides an easy way to capture information on your loading process right where it takes place – on the loader.

Why L2180?

  • Superior weighing technology for better performance consistency
  • Simpler user interface for easier operation, LOADRITE products are easy to understand and easy to use.
  • Active Tip Off for optimizing truck loading to the max haul capability
  • Customer-centric solution, not just machine-centric
  • Trusted weighing specialist

How 2180 works


The L2150 is a high precision onboard loader scale, it offers accuracy and reliability with basic data functions. By using multiple-point triggering, speed compensation and dual pressure measurement the L2150 offers high level weighing accuracy no matter lift speed and loader movement.

How L2150 works


Now every machine operator can quickly and easily load trucks exactly to their target weight. The LOADRITE™ Force™ helps gauge accurate loading through its no-frills interface.

Wheel loader scales eliminate congestion and reduces waiting time with weighing accuracy before reaching the weighbridge leading to customer satisfaction.

  • Load more trucks
  • Sell more product without adding equipment or personnel
  • Avoid overload fines


The LOADRITE™ Sprint™ is a smart business investment that provides basic weighing for compact machines, tractors and forklifts. The simple six-key interface makes the Sprint ideal for those who are in a hurry to save money.

By accurately weighing and helping to correctly load products, the LOADRITE Sprint helps to load safely and accurately in operations that don’t need data management capabilities.

Overloading of vehicles is minimized which eliminates lost product, fines and mechanical stress from overloading.

Construction sites and warehouse operations benefit from the time and money saved by moving the right amount of material quickly.

In keeping with smaller machines, the Sprint can support four separate weighing implements, allowing weighing with a variety of pre-calibrated implements of differing sizes, e.g. buckets and forks.

  • Speed up loading – Accurately load the first time by weighing of stationary bucket or forklift loads.
  • Reduce lost product
  • Monitor productivity – The running total function allows tracking of total weight loaded over a shift, a week or a month.
  • Promote safety – Weighing each load ensures that trucks are not loaded beyond legal limits and loaders are working within their safe working load.
  • Eliminate overload fines – Prevent overloading by accurately weighing each load.