InsightHQ Reporting Software

InsightHQ payload reporting software is a quarry management portal for your web browser or mobile device. Showing near real-time productivity, availability and performance dashboards, not to mention reports for extraction, processing and load-out.

Why Track & Report? Knowledge is power.

Operations and Site Managers can monitor their operations from wherever with InsightHQ portal providing the right information at the right time.

With greater visibility of your quarry through InsightHQ, you can respond to issues, optimize productivity, availability as well as performance in real time.

It provides access to live reports at your fingertips, with totals for each customer, product and machine. Additionally, providing the ability to view changes over time, you can adjust reports to suit either the shift, day, week, month or even year.



  • Track tonnes per hour from your mobile equipment and fixed plant
  • Precisely track inventory to avoid stock-outs and reduce inventory holding costs
  • Identify bottle necks and pinch points in your processes
  • Monitor machine stress to schedule preventative maintenance
  • Maximize utilization by identifying equipment with unused capacity
  • Track loadout operations: Who, what, to where, how much?

You won’t have to wait back at the office with InsightHQ payload reporting software allowing operators and managers to understand productivity and act immediately allowing them to see improvements during the shift!


Equipment availability summary

View all available machinery and conveyor belt equipment that will allow you to view loading times with previous time consuming tasks no longer a problem!

Equipment performance summary

The InsightHQ loading performance summary helps staff understand product throughput by weight as well as by truckloads. Simple and accurate visibility of  conveyor TPH and performance help your team meet daily targets.

KPI summary

All your critical key parameters for your plant or equipment in one report, helps you track plant performance. With multiple machines scales on one report, you can graph every loader, excavator and conveyor fitted with LOADRITE scales.

Daily materials processing report

Simple and easy-to-follow KPI dashboards across the quarry.

Running totals

Track production of key products with rolling updates. InsightHQ automatically adds material produced as well as subtracts material removed for easy understanding.

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