Aluminium Tension Load Cell – 103t Series

The Delphi 103T series aluminium tension cell range are designed for a wide range of load monitoring, weighing, lifting, winching and towing applications. The thickness and hole diameter of the load cell is designed to match the standard sizes of Grade S Bow shackles.

  • High strength aircraft grade aluminium
  • Safety design features
  • IP67 rated load cell
  • 5:1 safety factor
  • Portable & wireless kits available
  • Accuracy*:- < 0.5% of range
  • Overload:- 150% (No damage), 500% (Ultimate)
  • Excitation:- <12V DC
  • Output:- 1.00mV/V
  • Thermal:- 0.005%/°C on output or zero shift
  • Temperature:- 10°C to +60°C (compensated), -10°C to +80°C (operating)
  • Made in Australia

# 50t unit can be used on 45t or 55t shackles
ˆ Above 150t suit grade T shackles. All other ranges suit Grade S shackles.
* Accuracy includes linearity, hysteresis and creep. For optimum accuracy and safety, shackle size should match cell capacity.*