Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Technology: Powering the Living Network™ Our fully mobile private wireless network never breaks for handoff, so you have no breaks in application performance. It’s connectivity, evolved.

  • Rajant BreadCrumb JR

    The Rajant BreadCrumb JR2 is a wireless transceiver that forms a mesh network when used in conjunction with other BreadCrumb devices. This portable, wireless mesh network node contains one...

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  • Rajant BreadCrumb ME Series

    The ME4 is our mid-level BreadCrumb solution and is an ideal alternative for adding wireless infrastructure and mobile nodes into your existing network. This system can be deployed in...

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  • Rajant BreadCrumb® LX5

    The LX5 is our premier BreadCrumb solution and is recommended for building and expanding your core mesh infrastructure. With the most transceivers and antenna ports, this system is engineered...

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