Loadrite Scales

LOADRITE Onboard weighing systems are suitable for Front End Loaders, Excavators, Conveyor belts also tractors and much more. All scales are suitable for industries including quarrying, mining, civil construction, public works and transportation.

SmartTech are the only Certified technicians to perform Legal for Trade (LFT) upgrades on LOADRITE Loader scales.

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  • Printers

    The Loadrite printer is compatible with every Loadrite on-board weighing system, this plug-in accessory delivers time-stamped and dated hard copies of all weighing information instantly!

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  • Loader Scales

    LOADRITE Loader scales are industry-leading weighing systems which come with a 3-year factory warranty confidently ensuring the high quality and performance on the market today.

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  • Haul Truck Monitor

    Counting and recording haul truck cycles is a tedious and error-prone exercise that few operators enjoy. Fleet managers also welcome any steps that remove workload from haul truck operators...

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  • Conveyor Belt Scales

    Increase the profitability of your operations and monitor quarry performance, productivity and stockpile inventory with Trimble LOADRITE mobile conveyor belt scales. The LOADRITE C-Series conveyor belt weighing system for...

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  • Excavator Scales

    The Trimble LOADRITE Excavator scales are productivity weighing system that helps optimize mass-haul and other loading operations, through payload tracking and real-time material movement visibility.

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