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LOADRITE Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions about LOADRITE Onboard Weighing Systems

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How will my customer benefit from a LOADRITE® Weighing System on their machine?

An onboard weighing system has many benefits, here are just a few of them:

  • Helps eliminate overloading fines by ensuring each truck is loaded to its full weigh.
  • It will help you eliminate weighbridge / scale house fees as you can load trucks and wagons to
    the maximum legal weigh quickly onsite.
  • Improves productivity costs as you won’t waste time through tip-offs, reweighing, or time at the
    weighbridge / scale house.
  • Reduce wear and tear on machines caused by overloading stress.
    LOADRITE® On-Board weighing scales help reduce your liability exposure by accurately loading
    each truck.
  • Enables you to load trucks accurately the first time and reduces lost product from overloading.
  • Gives you the ability to check your customers are charged accurately with Legal For Trade
  • Reduces or eliminates truck fines at weighbridge / scale house.
    Truck turnaround times are reduced as fewer trucks need to make return trips to add or remove
  • LOADRITE® typically calculate their payback on investment within days or months depending
    on the size of their operation.
  • Increases productivity by helping users to load more trucks per day = increased revenue/profit
What is the best weighing system for the machine?

LOADRITE® has a wide range of weighing solutions to suit every user, every industry and every
application. To determine the most suitable weighing system for the machine, your local
SmartTech Australia contact needs to know the following.

  • What type and model of machine is being used?
  • What type of environment it will be operating in, – Mining, Quarry, Construction, Recycling,
    Landscape Supply, Local Government etc.?
  • How experienced will the operator or operators be?
  • How many loads will be lifted daily?
  • Do you need a printer?
  • Do you need to recall product data by weigh and if so, how many products do you need?
  • Do you want the ability to download weighing data locally or via a web-based login?
  • Does the application call for Legal For Trade? Meaning will you be selling off the machines
    based on the loaded weigh via the scale?
What is the best weighing system for an Excavator?

LOADRITE® has two options which are the X2350-3D system for machines from 12 ton to under 100 ton and the X2650 is a mining specification system which comes in two options X2650 Medium for machines 100 to 250 ton and X2650 Large for a 250 ton plus. The X series is suited to a wide range of hydraulic, tracked and wheeled single dipper excavators. Not suitable for face shovel excavators. Full range of LOADRITE® options are available from Printers, Material Management Software (MMS) or InsightHQ.

How Accurate is a LOADRITE® Onboard Weighing System?

LOADRITE® prides itself in precision weighing. Under normal operating conditions the L Series range of Front-End Loader systems weighing accuracy is within 0.2% to 1.0% when used with a LR908 Multi Point Rotary trigger, making it one of the most accurate weighing solutions on the market. Under normal operations, the X-Weigh 2350-3D weighing accuracy is within 3%.

How long will it take to install a Loader (L-Series) Weighing System?

Our fully trained technicians will install on your site Installation time can vary anywhere from 3 hours to 9 hours for a NON-Legal For Trade System and up to 12 hours for a Legal For Trade system on a Front-End Loader as a guide. LOADRITE installations when done on customers site include operator training.

How long will it take to install an Excavator (X-Weigh™) Weighing System?

Our fully trained technicians will install on your site Installation time can vary anywhere from 9 to 18 hours for a standard installation. LOADRITE installations when done on customers site include operator training.

What support do customers receive when they buy a LOADRITE® Onboard Weighing System?

LOADRITE® provides world class service, SmartTech Australia technicians and sales support staff are fully trained, and customer focused so we provide the best pre and post sales and service anywhere in the world. We can provide product support via phone, email or in person at your site.

What training do customers receive?

Training can be tailor to the customer’s specific needs to their operation. This ensures your company takes full advantage of all the LOADRITE® weighing system has to offer.

Do you need an operating license for a LOADRITE® Onboard Weighing System?


What is the difference between a single and dual transducer weighing system?

A single transducer system relies on only one transducer mounted on the lift cylinder to generate weighing information based on the pressure in the lift line. This is ideal for simple low cost weighing especially on smaller machines. For the majority of applications, a dual transducer system is recommended. The second transducer mounted in the return lift line significantly reduces the weight errors caused by changes in oil temperature, tank pressure, lift speed (engine revs) and operator inconsistency.

What components are available with a LOADRITE® weighing system?

Each LOADRITE® weighing system comes with either single or dual transducers, which enables the console to weigh the load and trigger. A remote add button is generally supplied depending on the system purchased. The LOADRITE® Pro, Express, LR913 Force, L2150, L2180, L3180 and LOADRITE® X-Weigh systems are supplied with dual transducers; and the LOADRITE® L911 Sprint has a single transducer. The type of trigger supplied depends on the scale model or the application.

Our customer needs to weigh on the move so what would be the best product for them?

The entire range of LOADRITE® weighing systems is capable of weighing on the move. The LOADRITE® Pro and LR913 Force, L2150, L2180 and L3180 have the additional capability of being able to detect when an operator can’t get an accurate weight due to speed or bounce fluctuations and will advise them to perform the lift again.

Why would you need to purchase a LOADRITE® Printer?

A LOADRITE® Printer provides several benefits including providing a hard copy of each load. All LOADRITE® systems can operate with the addition of a direct plug-in LOADRITE® Printer (excluding LOADRITE® S1100). The LOADRITE® Printer delivers time stamped and dated hard copies of all weighing information (Including each bucket load and total load) You have two options for LOADRITE® Printers – LP930 compact thermal printer or a more robust LP950 Dot Matrix Printer that can print on single, two- & three-ply paper rolls. The later print copies will not fade over time.

Why does a customer need a LOADRITE® Material Management or Wireless InsightHQ Remote Access Systems?

A LOADRITE® Material Management System (MMS) or Wireless InsightHQ remote access turns a LOADRITE® weighing system into a sophisticated production management tool by:

  • Gathering load data from the LOADRITE® system and transferring it across the site in a secure, paperless manner, improving site safety and the availability of information.
  • Confirming the accuracy of information originating from other sources in a plant such as weighbridges or production machinery.
  • Identifying peak loading patterns to improve business systems.
  • Recording information from a loading operation which can later be used to assist inventory management and product tracking.
  • Generating customized reports based on loader, product, date, time or any other combination of parameters stored in the database.
  • Access to weighing data in real time (InsightHQ Option)
  • Send E Dockets from your Smart device such as phone, tablet, PC etc. Paperless contact (InsightHQ Option)
Which is best for my customer. A LOADRITE® Material Management System (MMS) Data Module or InsightHQ Wireless solution?

If where the machine is being used mobile phone signal strength is not available where trucks are being loaded, then the LOADRITE® Material Management System (MMS) Data Module data module should be used. If your customer needs to analyze data in real time, then LOADRITE InsightHQ wireless solution should be purchased.

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Why is a LOADRITE® weighing system easy to use?
  • Flexibility – it will work on any make or model of Front-End Loader or Excavator over 12 ton.
  • Ease of Use – LOADRITE® operators find it one of the easiest weighing systems to use and learn.
  • The LOADRITE® console is simple and user friendly so operators like to use it.
  • Footprint LOADRITE® vertically mounted indicators does not interfere with the operator’s line of
    vision like horizontally mounted systems can, making it safer and easier to use.
  • LOADRITE® products are so durable that they work in the most extreme environments. It’s used
    in Australia’s mines; the hot dust deserts of Arizona; frozen lakes in Alaska and damp rain forests
    in New Zealand.
What warranty is available with a LOADRITE® weighing system?

The LOADRITE systems comes with a one-year parts and one year labour warranty. The L2180
comes with three-year parts one year labour warranty. Your local distributor will be able to advise
what warranty options are available.

What return on investment (ROI) will a LOADRITE® weighing system give?

Whatever LOADRITE® weighing system is chosen, money will be saved. If a truck is overloaded
there is a risk of incurring a fine. Both Overloading and underloading waste money and time spent
reloading. The ROI will depend on a variety of things. It will also vary if there is an onsite weighbridge
and whether the trucks are owner operated. You may need to consider the number of trucks loaded
each day, the number of loaders used, the number of operational days each week, the percentage
of mis-loaded trucks per day, average cost of products sold, and the cost to operate a truck.

Will a LOADRITE® weighing system slow down the operation of the machine?

No. LOADRITE® introduced proprietary weighing technology for both our wheel loader and
excavator products, which allows you to weigh on the move. This means the LOADRITE® system
will weigh the material as you lift the bucket, it’s that simple.

How often should a LOADRITE® system be calibrated?

After the LOADRITE® weighing system has been calibrated by an authorized LOADRITE® distributor, it will continue to weigh accurately but as the machine is used the hydraulics and general machine wear changes how the machine operates thus the machine and weighing system to operate at maximum efficiency and accuracy need for regular calibration is required. Build up of sticky material in the bucket, bucket wear, hydraulic oil temperature changes etc. is handled by the zeroing function, allowing the weighing system to keep weighing with minimal down time.

How can a customer upgrade to a Legal for Trade weighing system?

LOADRITE, Express, PRO, LR913 Force, L2150 and L2180 system can be purchased either Legal For trade ready or upgraded at a later date. Contact your SmartTech Australia representative for more information on Legal For Trade details.

We are NMI accredited technicians to upgrade LOADRITE scales to be Legal for Trade (LFT) in Australia. (Sub class 6.8 Wheeled loaders)


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