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F33-R – Cabin Air Quality System

The Freshfilter F33-R cab air quality system offers a universal system and can be mounted on every type of machinery.

The unit is designed to fit on top of a cabin, without compromising the view of the cabin operator. The unit is perfectly suitable for installation on forklift trucks, sprayer cabins, excavators, shovels, etc.

The unit has capacity to install HEPA elements, combined with 10 Kgs of carbon filters. This combination will safeguard the operator from toxic gasses and/or silica dusts. The unit is capable of filtering 120m3/h and can filter up to 99.95% removal efficiency.

The F33-R unit features 2x optical filter detection, IP67 Deutsch connectors, stainless steel (304) enclosure and an UV resistant ABS plastic cover. The spring structure ensures that the filter elements are pressed into their sealing.

The F33-R system uses filters with the dimensions 600×336 and has a filling height of 120mm. The F33-R also has a separate slot for the P1 filter. A 10kg activated carbon filter in combination with a P3 (H13) dust filter can be placed in the large filter compartment and is therefore suitable for the toughest remediation classes.

The UV-resistant ABS hood on the F33-R can be easily opened thanks to the tilt system. When replacing the filters, the hood does not have to be dismantled. This way, the mechanic has their hands free to safely replace the filters on the roof of the vehicle/machine.

The basis of the F33-R overpressure filter system is made of stainless steel. Freshfilter guarantees the quality by manufacturing the systems themselves. The F33R is equipped with quick-release fasteners that allow the system to be opened easily without tools.

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