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F20 – Cabin Air Quality System

Despite its compact design, the F20 from Freshfilter is characterised by it’s high filtration capacity.

The F20 has been widely used on machines from 3 to 100 tons. The system is characterised by its compact size in combination with the high filter capacity. The FF20 takes in the air through the filter medium against the force of gravity, which considerably extends the service life of the filters.

The cylindrical shaped filters ensure that these can not be placed incorrectly. The air is  proportionally distributed over 100% of the filter, and preferential air flows are a thing of the past. The single radial blower in the unit makes less noise compared to other units because the speed is lower at the same air output.

The F20 can be mounted on almost all machines without expensive subframes; the unit is only 350 mm in diameter with a height of 420 mm, and can filter up to P3 / HEPA level in combination with 3.3 Kg. active carbon.  The unit can be be optionally equipped with a high hood, when the remediation requires a carbon filter of 10 Kg. This hood can be placed on the base of the F20, and can be changed without tools.

Air is drawn in against gravity which creates the advantage of the majority of dust particles being filtered in a natural way. Due to the vertical shape of the F20, dust particles are also ‘shaken loose’ by the shaking and movement of the machine. This extends the lifespan of the filters immensely.

Due to its round shape, incorrect insertion of the filter is impossible. The radial fan ensures a uniform 360 ° air flow suction for an optimal air distribution over the entire filter medium. This technology also has a positive effect on the noise level, with the F20 being comparatively quieter than other systems.

It is important to combine the right filter elements for each application. The compact F20 has space for a 3.3 kg activated carbon filter. If the concentration of pollutants is high (dust and toxic fumes), the F20 compact can be expanded with a higher hood. This allows an increased P1 / P3 dust filter and a 10 kg activated carbon filter to be installed.

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