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The Freshfilter 6000 series control system is the advanced option in controllers for Freshfilter cabin air filtration systems. The housing of the 6000 series control system is made of stainless steel and the signaling is just as robust as the pressure systems.
As does the Freshfilter 3000 series control system, the 6000 series dynamically regulates air flow to maintain cabin air pressure and has audible and visual monitoring, but has the added option to be upgraded with a CO2 Monitoring and Hydrocarbon sensor.
  1. WIFI connectivity is possible for online monitoring. There is up to 4 sensors measuring data in and outside the cabin with online monitoring and several export options for data collection.
  2. Up to three different filter types can be detected and displayed on the control panel.
  3. In the event of a potential danger, for example a pressure that is too low, an optical and acoustic alarm will be perceptible. With these error messages it is possible to see at a glance what danger the driver is running.
  4. The Freshfilter controller can be operated with four buttons. The buttons are sturdy and will not break easily. The overpressure value can be read on the digital screen.
  5. The Freshfilter controller 6000 can be expanded with a built-in HC sensor and CO2 monitoring sensor. This meter measures the presence of the presence of hydrocarbons in the cabin. In the event of an excess of 5 PPM (Parts Per Million), the controller warns with an acoustic and optical alarm.

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