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“It’s been a godsend really” said Aaron Oringe, Site Manager.

Bis Industries are a mining services company that provide logistics, materials handling, specialist underground equipment and consulting services to resources companies across Australia and Indonesia.

Bis Industries had LOADRITE scales installed about 5 years ago at one of their Queensland Sites, seeing the productivity in operators and downtime in loading site managers and operators quickly began to realise the benefits LOADRITE scales offered.

Bis now have extended LOADRITE scales through their sites Australia Wide, with countless machines fitted and the latest software, InsightHQ!

Sites can relate when they say their Office is 25 km’s from the machinery, a lot of sites are having issues with operators forgetting the thumb drive which allows managers and customers to view the loading history and reports on their office PC.

“Previously to LOADRITE being installed at our sites our operations were manual, LOADRITE has made everything so much easier”.

A trip back to the loader with a customer waiting is nothing less than a contradicting process for maximizing productivity, for Bis Industries this was one of their issues with Aaron stating ‘This wasn’t a future for our site, we had to think to the future of productivity within all sites and the business moving forward’

LOADRITE’s software InsightHQ allows site managers to manage their Quarry direct from their mobile device, view near real time productivity, performance dashboards and reports for extraction, processing and load-out.

InsightHQ provides access to live reports at your fingertips, with totals for each customer, product and machine. To view changes over time, you can adjust reports to suit either the shift, day, week, month or year. LOADRITE allows anyone to understand productivity, the ability to act immediately and see improvements during the shift, no more waiting to get back to the office with a thumb drive!

For the future at Bis they have a focused goal for InsightHQ to be installed at all sites across Australia, to streamline the company “Time is money, LOADRITE L2180 loader scales and software InsightHQ have saved us a heck of time maximizing our productivity, our customers love being able to log in to InsightHQ themselves and generate their own reports” Aaron Oringe, Site Manager.

We look forward to future installs with Bis Industries, as the National LOADRITE dealer it allows Bis to deal with one supplier.


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