About Us

SmartTech began in January 2018 after branching to the East Coast of Australia from an established business in WA, with just a handful of employees. Acquiring LOADRITE dealerships from Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in 12 short months, with our sister business in Western Australia SITECH WA Pty Ltd is now the biggest Trimble LOADRITE dealership in the world.

SmartTech Australia services the needs of Australia’s Mining & Industrial sectors and has personnel with vast experience to call on right across the mining industry. We operate under SITECH WA Pty Ltd with a shared focus on providing the best mining technology to the Australian and Pacific Mining market.

A message from our Director

Being a driven leader in the Advanced Services that we offer our clients, is a key component of success in our business.

Being innovative and flexible to take our customers through the complex range of Trimble products, but then to be able to put viable solutions together that take our clients to the next level of capability – is what we do best.

Having a great group of professionals on our team make us a unique product offering in itself. We are extremely proud of the past projects we have delivered on. We live in a changing technology space that we enjoy on a daily basis. It is a pleasure to have the General Manager/Managing Director role at SITECH WA.


Allan Hubble

SITECH WA / SmartTech Australia

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